Tuesday, June 5, 2012

'Itis & Other Mind Numbing Effects of Junk Food

A friend posted this clip of the Boondocks "The Itis" Episode on facebook.  I hope you are able to watch it in its entirety.  While there is some profanity, a number of issues are covered in the sketch which deserve serious consideration.  I imagine it was meant to be both informative and entertaining.

Many of the foods that people have come to know as "soul food" are unhealthy for both body and mind.  It doesn't take a doctor to figure out that eating foods high in fat, salt, sugar, & preservatives can make you obese, but most people don't know about the effects of these foods on the function of the brain.  Food is used to enrich some while oppressing others.  By marketing poisonous, highly addictive foods to the masses without regard for public safety, the food giants deliberately prey on the unaware. Unfortunately, it tastes sooooo gooood, most people don't realized they are being treated inhumanely.
There is ample evidence supporting my strong belief that eating the wrong food causes cognitive impairment.  To avoid any misunderstanding, I will give you some other common terms for what I'm talking about. Mental retardation, intellectual disability, dementia, brain damage- you can choose the term you're most comfortable with. The fact is, the brain doesn't have anywhere else to live but in your body.  If you beat up your body with unhealthy food or an excess of any food, your brain will suffer the consequences.  The end result is a person with both a dulled level of intelligence and a low level of function in everyday life.  If you haven't come across anyone like this, you might want to evaluate your own health status. 

The brain is the master of thought and behavior.  Therefore, a poor state of your health will soon manifest itself in one's actions.  The Honorable Elijah Muhammad put this very simplistically in the timeless book How to Eat to Live
“…we prepare our own sick bed, hospital bills, and undertaker bills with what we eat and what we drink. And besides this comes a sick mind and after a sick mind comes death.”

Shortly after the movie Precious was released, a high school friend was writing about whether the image of swine sizzling in a frying pan had anything to do with the stomach-turning behavior in the movie.  Science would say it most certainly does.  Here are a few links with more information about how food effects your brain and behavior.  Yes, soda can make you violent, sugar can make you stupid, and sausage can give you Alzheimer's.  This is your brain on bacon.  Any questions?


  1. Well that explains attitudes and behaviors that often appear inexplicable. I did not see Precious but I heard about the perversity. We were certainly taught eating the wrong foods make us other than our own selves. Thanks for giving us the evidence-

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment and for your interest. Your comment has inspired me to get back on track :) I intended to post weekly but have to listen to my own advice regarding staying organized and saying "I'm not available" so that I can have time to take care of important things, like sharing needed health information on this blog. Thank you so much for subscribing by email! I am working with a web designer now to make it easier for people like you to access quality health information. I will be sure to let everyone know when that process has been completed.

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