Saturday, May 26, 2012

Food & Mood: Muslim Wellness & Recovery

The link below takes you to a powerpoint presentation I gave for the Muslim Wellness & Recovery Foundation's Workshop Series on May 12.

Food & Mood: Muslim Wellness & Recovery Foundation

In it, you can find information about how your dietary habits affect your mood, brain function, even addictions. Even though you don't have the narration to go along with the slides, you can get a good overview of the topic. I plan to post an update with a couple of video clips from the presentation, but have to overcome a few technical issues.

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Peace & health,

Dr. Safiyya


  1. ASA
    I think your Blog is great. Will be constantly checking here for info. May Allah continue to bless you.

    Brother Anthony
    Memphis TN

    1. Alhamdullillah! I will strive to keep it interesting & informative.

    2. This was great. I was going to ask you a question but got the answer in this power point. Thanks for sharing!!!!
      Sis Valeria